For a Feminist Environmental, Climate and Sustainability policy

For more than 20 years, genanet has advocated for gender justice to be a critical prerequisite for sustainable development in environmental politics and research, and for gender mainstreaming to be implemented accordingly.

genanet develops positions and policy papers on environmental and sustainability policies from a gender perspective, it facilitates discussions on strategies for their implementation and builds structures to effectively influence political decisions.

Here you can find information on our current projects as well as on gender issues in different environmental areas, new research findings, a project archive, publications and more.


The development of genanet and, after a few years, a relaunch of the website were funded by the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Ministry for the Environment. Over the past three years, UBA and BMU have supported the technical and content updates of the website as well as the regular production of genaNews, genanet's newsletter (in German only).


Currently, not all our information is translated into English. We try our best to provide as much information in English as possible.


Gender, Environment and Sustainability